Each month during the year Big Game Fishing Challenge is organized. This is a Tuna Fishing Competition. Foreign crews are welcome. Tourists can book crew membership and actively participate in challenge, or just enjoy the competition. 


Each month during the year Montenegro Sailing Club is organizing Sailing Challenge Contest. This is Montenegro Sailing Competition. Foreign crews are welcome.

Sailing Club Montenegro is organizing sailing school and adventure courses each year, during the spring, summer and autumn. It become very popular activity for tourists and their children.

Sailing school this year completed 96 children. The training was led by trainers Ilija Vuckovic and Mirko Vuckovic. The club has 40 athletes in all classes.
In this year, we participated in 65 races in the country and abroad.

The most successful sailor of our club is Milivoj Dukic, participant at Olympic Games in London 2012. and Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro 2016.
His trainers are lija Vuckovic and Mirko Vuckovic.

Besides sailing school, it is possible to rent a sailboat. We have various options with or without skipper.